Deal of the Day: $10 Donation to City Harvest Will Feed 40 People

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Thanksgiving is a mere 13 days away. For many in our area, especially after Sandy, this Thanksgiving will not be full of food and football. But you can help at least 40 people have a Thanksgiving meal – by donating $10 to City Harvest through Groupon.

For every $10 raised by this Grassroots campaign, City Harvest can help provide a healthy meal for 40 hungry New York residents this Thanksgiving. Knowing they will have a meal available can help make the holidays a less stressful time for families who are food insecure. This year, City Harvest aims to collect more than 42 million pounds of produce and food from restaurants, grocers, farms, and manufacturers, which would otherwise go to waste. To purchase this deal, or to find out more, visit Groupon.