Dr. G: Are Smartphones a Gateway Drug?

Our friend Dr. G has written a thought-provoking article for Huff Post Parents on whether smartphones are the new gateway drug for our kids.

“There are lots of posts out there about how old kids should be before they get a cell phone. Even more parents weigh in about smartphones and when those are “necessary” or even reasonable. But I would not have said “Wait until they’re 18″ until yesterday.

Yesterday I was contacted by a reporter to give an opinion on smoking simulation apps and how effectively they’re marketed to children. These are not help-to-quit-smoking apps. Oh no! It turns out (perhaps I’ve been living in an app-cave?) that there are all kinds of illegal activities that can be simulated — for free and with no age requirement — on your child’s phone! You don’t even have to click a little “I’m-lying-about-my-age-to-make-politicians-and-parents-feel-better” box.”


To read more of Dr. G’s article, visit HuffPost: Smartphones: The New Gateway Drug