How to Help Your Kids Overcome the Trauma of Sandy

Are you worried about how your kids are handling the trauma of hurricane Sandy? Vera Haller of spoke with psychology professor Suniya Luthar about ways to help kids deal with everything they’ve gone through, what they’re seeing, and more.

“Schoolbook spoke with Suniya Luthar, a professor of psychology and education at Columbia University’s Teachers College, about how New York City children are dealing with stress and emotions related to Hurricane Sandy. Luthar specializes in developmental and clinical psychology and studies the resilience of children and families experiencing adversity.

What is the emotional impact of Sandy on the wider population of New York City, beyond the waterfront neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island?

Children and families who were hit directly have experienced much greater trauma than those who experienced the hurricane from afar, but anyone who lives in this general vicinity has been touched very deeply by this crisis. The biggest thing is really the fear and helplessness after witnessing the events that were so unpredictable and, afterwards, looking at the enormous magnitude of destruction, the lives lost, the physical pain and emotional pain. In this day and age, even if it’s not in your own backyard, with the Internet and media, we are witness to all of this.”


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