Hurricane Sandy Through the Eyes of a Mother

While we have been focusing on the complete destruction of the Rockaways, we must also remember the other areas that were destroyed- Coney Island, Long Beach, much of the Jersey Shore, and Staten Island. Sandy did not discriminate, and left many behind to pick up the pieces. But as much as we can tell you, it’s not the same unless it’s coming from someone who is living through it. This is the story of a mother, from Staten Island, who watched her community disappear. Her name is Dawn Papandrea, and this is her story- in her own words.

“Seventeen days ago, I was your typical working mom, juggling my job, my freelance work, kids’ activities and countless household responsibilities. I hated doing laundry, giving my kids a bath was a chore I dreaded (and tried to pass off to my husband as often as possible) and the morning rush to get the boys off to school was the most stressful part of my day.

In the post-Sandy world on Staten Island, I’m thankful for my working washing machine, and I welcome the extra loads from family who lost their basement appliances or still have no power from the storm. I’m grateful for the warm water that splashes onto the bathroom floor when my boys decide to get into a bath time splash fight. I don’t even mind getting up extra early to get the kids to school on time (well, at least my third grader whose school has power) because of all of the drivers waiting in gas lines tying up traffic.”
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