Mamas Occupy in NYC

As everything in my life starts… so did this…. with a need. It is midnight on Sunday November 4th. I have been sitting at this computer for a while trying to find a way to mention all of the people who I have met over the last few days. I am going to try now….but please bare with me. I have been working for 4 days straight, 16 hours a day.

First, I met Occupy Sandy and Astoria Recovers on Thursday while searching for drop off locations in Astoria and coming up empty. I emailed them and offered my home as a site seeing that we all wanted to help but had nowhere to do so… they organized me in 2 hours flat and had people showing up at my door. It started with a small trickle of people dropping off a gallon of water at a time.

Then I started posting updates on our Facebook Page where mamas like Brook Wozinak gathered money from her friends, went to COSTSO to gather supplies and drop them off to me. Volunteers like Charlie, Peter, and Johnathan showed up and stayed with me every day to help load cars, sort items, and get cars to the Rockaways. My daughter Max, 13 years old, organized for a day in my absence and they all stood out in the cold, eating only once, to get relief to people in need.

By the weekend people like Lenny Iacopelli and more than 80 others showed up in cars, having waited hours for gas, to drive out into the unknown with only a hand written paper to guide them. Some people made drop offs at Occupy sites while others pulled over to the side of the road and gave supplies to people in need.

Drivers like Danielle Mahoney took supplies out and documented their trip so that they could share it to motivate others. Many more local businesses jumped in to help with collections of essential goods and I started diverting our energies all over the borough and beyond. Because of everyone’s dedication and relentless word of mouth communications, my home is now the community hub for not only Queens, but Upstate NY and Connecticut….

I was supposed to stop today…. but because of you…. I cannot. You…. the mothers, fathers, neighbors, children, grandmothers, college students, and citizens of this community that I call home.

New York is my home town and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me in helping it.

Please continue to help, spread the word, and drive like the wind. As long as you do… my home is open.

I love you all.