Mamas Rockaways Play Space: Supply Update

In the words of Maria Smilios, who is heading up this project, this is what is currently needed and where you can drop it off. Please spread the word so we can help get this off the ground and give these kids a much needed space to be kids.

“Update for Mama’s Play area in Rockaways. First, thank you to all who have contacted me, you are wonderful. On Friday, I will be going down to set up the space with Carolyn Nagler and hopefully, we can get one more volunteer. Right now here is what we need most:

  • Foam floor (we have one 6×6); we need to cover a space about 16 x10. (email me if you are going to donate foam flooring)
  • Chai
  • rs: bean bag chairs, children’s chairs (email me if you are going to take charge of the chairs)
  • Plastic Bins: we need bins to put crayons, toys, etc in.
  • Books: any books (ages 1-10) would be great; especially books on hurricanes or disaster
  • Toys: we are trying to avoid toys with a lot of loose parts (they get lost).
  • Crayons, paper, markers, art supplies for older kids
  • Board games for older kids
  • blocks
  • Coloring books, sticker books
  • If you are giving an electronic toy, please make sure you donate the batteries
  • Balls
The drop off is 23-74 38th street between 9-7; please indicate at the drop off if for the play area. I was down there yesterday, helping get a medical clinic started, and while progress has been made, the area and residents are still devastated and in need of almost everything.”