NYC Public Schools: Updates on Relocations, Shelters, and Event Cancellations

Most area schools will resume classes tomorrow, Monday, November 5th. But there are still some that are without power and that are still serving as shelters. Students will have to report to different schools. Do you know where to send your kids, and when? Find out here.

Schools Not Safe for Reopening

Here is a list of schools that are still unsafe for students and faculty. They are still severely damaged, as of Friday evening. If your child’s school is on this list- they will return to school on Wednesday, November 7th at a temporary location. The DOE is trying to arrange for bus service for those students who qualify. You can find up to date information on what will be provided here.


Schools Without Power

This list of schools did not have power as of Friday evening. The list will be updated later today. If your child’s school regains power, classes will go on as scheduled tomorrow morning.


Schools Used as Shelters

The following list of schools are being used as shelters. Students will report to school on Wednesday, November 7th. Only staff and faculty will report to these schools tomorrow, Monday November 5th, at their regularly scheduled time.


There are also various events previously scheduled at local schools that have either been rescheduled or cancelled entirely. You can check those here.


If your child is in a universal pre-k program, you should contact that program directly to verify they have power and will be open tomorrow.