Petition to Set Up FEMA Emergency Housing in the Rockaways

Photo by Kate Falzarano

It’s been over two weeks since Sandy hit our area, and there are thousands of people in the Rockaways who are still without electricity, heat, or water. And as the temperature keeps dropping, the danger of them suffering, and possibly dying from hypothermia is a reality. But there is a way you can help…

The need for FEMA to set up emergency housing for those who are homeless in Rockaway is great. Reportedly, residents of the Rockaways will not have power until MID DECEMBER – 6 weeks away. Can you imagine living without basic needs like heat or a roof over your head for that long? While the media coverage has faded, the situation is still very serious. And we need to help spread the word.

Sign this petition and share with your friends to get the word out about  the conditions our neighbors are living in, and hopefully help to get them shelter.


This petition was started by Greater NYC for Change, part of a coalition of 45 political and advocacy groups seeking to bring attention to the needs of people in the Rockaways following Hurricane Sandy.