Product Alert: Ella’s Wool Kids Clothes

As parents, we all face this question constantly: have I dressed my child warm enough? Layers and layers and layers, and we still aren’t sure. One mother, living in Brooklyn by way of Oslo, Norway, decided to answer this question once and for all- the Norwegian way, and started Ella’s Wool.

Back in Norway, it’s customary for everyone to wear a soft layer of Merino wool under their clothes. But here in the US, the options aren’t as readily available as they are over there, if you can find them at all. So Vibeke Johansen started Ella’s Wool to bridge the gap.

With products ranging from onesies to rompers to shirts, pants, hats, and more, your child will be totally covered. While they’re not cheap, you’re paying for quality.

Wondering what’s so great about wool anyway? They break it down for you here.

Want to know more and see for yourself? Visit their website: Ella’s Wool.