Sandy’s List: New App Matches Supplies with Those in Need

Photo by Marine Connan

A new app has been developed by Hurricane Hackers that will connect those in need of supplies after Hurricane Sandy with those who are trying to donate.

What is it: A tool to connect people that need things (food, water, a place to stay, help clearing trees, etc.) with people that can help, have things, or time to spare. Its combined with the effort in #SandyAid hashtag to push efforts towards better follow-through in interactions between victims and volunteers

How does it work: The app allows people who are need something, to easily input all the normal information about what they need, and a contact number (which is not displayed publically). On the flip side, people that want to help can search through posted “requests” and find what is near them, and what they can help with. They can then choose to respond to requests, with their own contact information. Moderators sift through requests, and respond to request and can verify both. Once a request and its response is verified, the responding user will get the requesting users contact information, allowing them to meet up.


If you’re looking to donate items locally, check out our list of local donation sites.