Sunnyside Fundraiser Raises $20K For Sandy Relief

Last week, residents showed up in full force to support Restaurants United for Sandy Help- a fundraiser for Sandy Relief, and they helped raise $20K, quite an impressive feat for one community. Here’s what happened, as told by Bill Parry and Christian Murray for The Sunnyside Post.

“Sunnysiders turned out in big numbers for a local fundraiser Sunday and raised about $20,000 for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The event formally called Restaurants United for Sandy Help—was put together in less than two weeks– by many local residents and restaurant owners.  More than 500 adults, many with children, attended the heavily-publicized fundraiser.

Attendees paid $25, which went to Sandy victims, for a wristband that provided them with quality food and drink between 4pm and 8pm. About 20 restaurants and bars participated in the event, which was similar to Taste of Sunnyside. It was held at the Sunnyside Community Services Center which donated the space.”


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