Weather Update: Tracking the Nor’easter & What You Should Know Liveblog

We want to keep you updated on the coming nor’easter so we all can prepare as best we can. As the day progresses, we’ll be updating this post as we get updates on the path and severity of the storm.

2:00PM - Wet snow is now falling over most of Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.


11:30AM - The winds are picking up and much of the area is experiencing a mix of rain and snow, though much of Nassau has snow falling steadily. No accumulation. Reports are that parts of the Rockaways are already starting to flood.


9:30AM -

  • Rain will spread across the area but as heavier precipitation develops and the storm system intensifies, a period of moderate to heavy snowfall will establish itself.
  • It can snow when the air is above freezing. This is because the clouds and flakes are colder, but then melt on contact. It is possible that in this storm, snow mixes in and turns over completely, but melts on contact. The ground may be too warm.
  • Even if the heavy snow does not stick, it will be falling. Trees and power lines that are damaged from sandy have potential to receive more damage. I expect the heaviest of snow to be in New Jersey though.
  • Flooding(a) – Rain – I have only been to rockaway. All the drains are clogged with sand. Any rain (which may be heavy at times) that falls will have no place to go. Expect some minor street flooding from this. Those going out to rockaway today should bring boots.
  • Flooding(b) – Tide Surge – High tide is wednesday Evening. Tides are suppose to be 3-5 feet above normal. Areas along the beach in rockaway may expierence some minor flooding but nothing on the scale of Sandy. I plan on doing some dispatch work in sunset park this morning then head out to rockaway shortly before high tide to monitor the situation. Coney island may experience the same conditions. All other locations we have setup (IE:Red Hook) should only experience heavy rain and snow. No tidal surge

*Wednesday it may have most of the rain along and just off the coast, but as the storm intensifies it will then expand back to the west.

Wednesday Afternoon: The strong storm will pull down cold air. A mix of snow may expand with the rain.

*Wednesday Evening: Mixing and turning over to snow. If there is snow falling near you late in the afternoon, likely it will not stick until late afternoon when the sun gets low in the sky, or after dark. The ground is warm and the air temperatures will be near or above freezing where the precipitation is heavier. So many flakes will be wasted to melting. It will be easier to get stickage on the grass and car tops first. The roads will be iffy. Unless there is a heavier burst (more likely in the Philadelphia suburbs and north) the cooling down of the roads may lead to slick travel west and north of I-95.

*Wednesday Night-Thursday Morning: If the storm cranks out snow, this is when it will happen, close to midnight and winding down in the morning as New England gets hit. There may be snow mixed in on the Delmarva, but north of the Bay Bridge would be the best chance for any stickage and minor accumulations.