Why Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg Should Revitalize the Rockaways

John Avalon wrote a fascinating piece on the devastation of the Rockaways, and why NY politicians should make serious efforts to rebuild this community.

“Almost one month after Hurricane Sandy, some storefronts in the Rockaways—the seven-mile stretch of beachfront below Brooklyn—are alight at night, but many small businesses are still boarded up. Floodlights illuminate intersections, and cop cars and sanitation crews line streets piled with debris. Some 9,700 people here are still without power. Tattered American flags dangle in the wind by Breezy Point, where more than 100 homes were destroyed by fire at the height of the hurricane.

This is a tough and proud community, home to more than its share of police and firefighters, who again find themselves coping with life in a disaster zone. But in every crisis lies an opportunity—and with the influx of cash and the need to rebuild comes a rare opportunity to renew and strengthen this historic community.”