Bloomberg Sends Police to Shut Down Occupy Sandy in Staten Island

Really, Mr. Mayor? Bloomberg quietly sent police to evict the volunteers in Midland Beach Staten Island who have done more than any city or federal agency since Sandy hit.

“The community-run network of support for food, volunteering, supplies, clothing, and human services is an essential part of the New York City recovery efforts, and the mayor’s office wants to shut it down immediately. The mayor’s office is calling upon local police forces to “clear all outdoor sites” effective immediately. We are calling on all New Yorkers to advocate on behalf of these community run hubs that provide essential services to those whom the city and federal government, and support agencies, have under-served, neglected, or abandoned.

We call on the city, service organizations and police to support these crucial hubs by maintain location and services to community, offering tents, generators, and storage pods for supplies or finding free, nearby, and feasible medium to long term spaces where hubs can operate.”

Read more about the eviction here.


Also, Bloomberg landed his helicopter in the Rockaways, accidentally in the parking lot of the Occupy Sandy Relief post there.

“New York City’s billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, stepped out of a helicopter midday Thursday in St. Camillus’ parking lot, ironically an Occupy Sandy relief distribution hub in the Rockaways, Queens. The visit had been kept under wraps and not listed on his official schedule. Watch this video, read the statement and stay informed and pledge your support for the communities most affected by Sandy that are still in dire need!. We are planning a day of action on December 15th. Join us!


See the video  and read more at Occupy Sandy Relief, and join the call to action on December 15th.