Bus Route to Link LIC and Williamsburg

The MTA seems to be making good on its promise to bring a bus route to the Williamsburg waterfront, which would essentially connect Williamsburg and Long Island City. DNA info.com has the scoop.

“A long-requested bus route connecting the Williamsburg waterfront with Greenpoint and Long Island City is on track, MTA representatives said.

The route would begin underneath the Williamsburg Bridge by the Marcy Avenue J train station and extend to the G, 7, E and M train stations in Long Island City, according to a presentation the authority shared Monday.

The MTA, which proposed the route this July along with four other new routes in the city, plans to meet with local community boards this winter to discuss the details of the plan, the presentation noted.”

Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20121205/williamsburg/mta-moving-forward-with-plan-for-new-waterfront-bus-route#ixzz2EmNmdlyH