Crisis Coping Tips for Parents in the Aftermath of Sandy Hook Massacre

Have you been struggling trying to come up with ways to help your kids cope with the tragedy in Newtown? Marilynn Halas, a life coach and children’s book author, has some tips to help you.

  • When we must break bad news to our kids it is best to sit beside them or kneel in front of them.
  • How much information you share is a personal and ongoing decision, but always tell your child the truth.
  • Watch your child’s reaction. Sweaty palm or clenched fists? Tears or shutting down? Don’t force it. Go easy.
  • Older kids may look for logic or control in a situation that has neither. Let them process in their own way.
  • Older kids need to feel loved as urgently as little ones, they just show it differently. Fear is real for all ages.

Marilynn is also the founder of 4 Sunflowers Media, a company that aims to empower children and parents through storytelling.

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