Gifts Kids Will Remember

Every parent knows the frustration of finding that “must have” toy for the holidays, only to have it become “old news” two weeks later. Looking for a gift that will stand the test of time? Betsy Brown Braun has 12 ideas for you to check out.

“Hanukkah is here, and there are just two weeks until Christmas. The world is kicking into high gear for the holidays. It’s inescapable. The media, advertisers and merchants are targeting our children and us, pointing us towards their ultimate goal: buy buy buy. It’s no wonder that children across the country are whining and begging for stuff. But maybe it isn’t that stuff that makes the best holiday gifts — or makes the holidays memorable.

Do you remember what you received when you were 4, or 7 or 9? Not likely.

Long after the glow-in-the-dark-magic-robot has lost his glow and the Barbie nail polish (in 20 different sparkling colors) has dried up, the gifts that don’t fit under the tree live on. I am talking about the gift of an experience.”


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