How to Talk to Your Kids About Tragic News

When tragedy strikes, and it’s all over the news, it’s hard to keep it from your kids. And it’s even more difficult to explain it. So what do you tell them? Here are some ideas from Betsy Brown Braun on Huffington Post Parents.

There are no good words to explain to anyone — let alone to kids — what happened at the elementary school in Connecticut this morning. The horrific incident is every parent’s worst nightmare, unfathomable and unspeakable. The air is heavy with the horror. The president of our country wept during his speech to the nation.

This is one of those times when parents’ confidence disappears; they are rendered tongue-tied. How do you explain that 20 young children (and some grown-ups) were killed while they were at school?

Unless your child has been exposed to this incident — by radio, TV, Internet or overhearing your loose talk — there is absolutely no reason to bring it up to him. Period.


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