Largest Employer in the Rockaways Closed for Foreseeable Future

Superstorm Sandy didn’t only hurt residents by washing away their homes, it also took a hard toll on businesses in the area. The family owned and operated Madelaine Chocolate Company is the largest employer in the Rockaways, and it’s been forced to close its doors for the foreseeable future.

“The sweet smell of success normally wafts through Madelaine Chocolate Company during the holiday season.

Tiny molds of Santa Claus and snowmen whirl through its factory before being wrapped in foil. Machines stamp mounds of chocolate into Hanukkah coins, which are then tucked into their own jackets of gold filigree. Delivery trucks rumble away from the loading docks carrying thousands of pounds of chocolate each day.

But in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, nothing is normal for the family-owned Madelaine or its 450 employees.”

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