No More Wooden Boardwalks in NYC Says Bloomberg

The historic Rockaway boardwalk will not be rebuilt as it was, according to Mayor Bloomberg. In an article from Travelers Today, he explains that wooden boardwalks will not be built in NYC ever again.

“The wooden boardwalk in Rockaway Beach, Queens, in New York won’t be coming back after it was torn apart and destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. In fact NYC will never build another wooden boardwalk after the storm, according to the city’s mayor.

When Hurricane Sandy hit on October 29, it created a devastating storm surge that destroyed the small beach community. The ocean that is loved by the locals entered their  homes, destroying basements, furniture, and lives.

The strong surge also overpowered the historic boardwalk which has lined 91 blocks of the beach for decades.  More than a third of the wooden boardwalk is completely gone while 20 more blocks of it was destroyed. ”