Red Cross Delivers Bag of Hamburgers to Rockaways

Photo: Gothamist

In yet another disappointing move by the Red Cross, volunteers dropped off broken hamburgers in large trash bags to the Rockaways. Gothamist. com broke the story.

“The Red Cross has been roundly criticized for ineffectively using the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations they’ve received to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. If one were to distill the organization’s disconnection from the people they’re serving into a single image, it might look like a trash bag full of cooked, broken hamburgers.

On Monday, volunteers at the makeshift relief center on Beach 96th Street said a Red Cross vehicle dropped off a trashbag of cooked burgers, and another trashbag full of buns. “They told us that if we didn’t take them, they were going to throw them out, so we handed out as many as we could,” said Matt Calender, one of the organizers of the relief effort on 96th Street. “But this is the only time the Red Cross has dropped anything off to us—we already have hot food, why are they just arbitrarily dropping off hot food? With all their resources, isn’t there a safer, cleaner way of doing this? The hamburgers were warm, who knows how that’s affecting the plastic.””


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