Support the Rockaways By Shopping There

Photo: Lisa L. Colangelo/New York Daily News

Our friend Lisa Colangelo of the NY Daily News wrote a fascinating article about the small businesses in the Rockaways who have lost the most important element in recovery: their customers.

The Blue Bungalow is a turquoise and cream-colored oasis in the middle of storm-torn Beach 116th St. in Rockaway.

Soothing, scented candles and bright, beachy decor provide a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Even though the store survived a wallop from Superstorm Sandy, owners Liz Smith-Breslin and Jeanne Jamin are unsure whether the popular eclectic gift boutique will be able to survive the next few weeks and months.

“So many people are gone because they lost their homes,” said Smith-Breslin, a Belle Harbor resident displaced by the storm. “Are people going to want to come visit?”


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