Ways to Cut Down on the Toy Count in Your House

It happens every Christmas and birthday in our house: we’re faced with having too many toys. We try to thin the piles, but then everyone keeps giving more. Circle of Moms has some tips we can all use to avoid Toy Overload.

“Toys, toys and more toys! How many toys do your kids really need? What rules can you put in place to keep the kids and the house from being overwhelmed? It’s all part of “Toy Overload,” and it’s being discussed in many Circle of Moms communities. How do you avoid this explosion, especially around the holidays? Here are some options for reducing and decluttering the toys in your home.

Reducing The Amount Of Toys

1. Give Non-Toy Gifts

When a birthday or holiday is approaching, family members will likely hit you with the loaded question: “What does your child want?” If your house is already overflowing with toys, this is the perfect time to explain to them the kinds of gifts that would be better than toys. A member named Erin has plenty of responses to question, including gift cards to the zoo, passes to a local pool, donations towards ballet or gymnastics classes, or punch cards from a kids gym nearby, any of which will enable a child “to have fun all year-long,” and not just on her birthday or during the holidays.”


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