New Cooking Class in NYC for Kids

Freshmade NYC aims to educate students about making smarter food choices by encouraging them to think about what they eat, where it comes from, how to prepare it, and how to share it! Each week all of the classes will focus on a specific theme and students will be provided with recipes and take-home assignments to share with their families that focus on a particular ingredient that was used during the lesson.Classes are designed to be fun, creative, educational, and always healthy. In “Brunch and Munch” students will create yummy smoothies, savory quick breads, and Korean vegetable pancakes. Need a boost? Join “After School Pick-Me-Up”, where children will learn recipes they can do themselves at home with little to no assistance, pleasing their bellies and their sense of independence. “Palette-Palate” is an arts and crafts class that incorporates every day food items and household supplies. To view a complete list of classes and descriptions check out

Freshmade NYC inspires children to think actively and openly about their food choices, and also teaches them skills along the way that they can apply to other domains of life and learning:
-literacy from the practical (food labels) to the fantastic (story time)
-math and measurement
-fine motor skills (cutting, chopping, rolling and pouring)
-taste and nutrition
-social skills (listening, following directions, independence, sharing and friendship)
-culture and community (where does food come from, how do we obtain it and what do we do with it

About Freshmade NYC

Located at Broadway and Bleeker, Freshmade offers children ranging from toddlers to young teens cooking classes designed to be fun, creative, educational, and always healthy. Students will learn hands on skills that strengthen their motor development and participate in activities that encourage math, science, and literacy skills. With specialty classes such as Ginger Bread House Making and Fall Harvest and workshops such as Label Reading 101, Navigating the Grocery Store with a Toddler and What to Eat When Your Expecting, Freshmade offers moms, caretakers, families and kids a fun, interactive way to be healthy, stress-free and simple.

Freshmade also offers a unique and personal catering experience custom designed for each event with adult & child options available. Freshmade chooses the freshest and healthiest ingredients available and uses them in creative ways to inspire little ones to have fun eating healthy foods. Leave it to Freshmade to host any occasion such as Private Play-dates, Dinner Parties, Fundraisers, Group Meetings, Team-building Exercises, Catering Kitchen Rentals and more! Forget the stress and mess when it comes to throwing your child’s birthday party ? Freshmade lets you just show up and enjoy your time with your guests while they take care of the rest!