Planting in Public Spaces – Guerrilla Gardening

Tired of looking at this all summer? Take action and spruce up your hood! Now is the perfect time to start ordering seeds and plants for the Spring so that you have your order in by the time the frost clears. If you do not have any outdoor space or maybe you don’t want plants in your house then guerrilla gardening is totally for you! The premise behind guerrilla gardening is to plant in barren spaces on public streets so that everyone can enjoy beautiful flowers! Queens is in desperate need of some gardening love so we put it to you, our mamas, to help beautify your public streets! It will cost about $5 in seeds and a little bit of love. Here’s how to accomplish this in four easy steps:



  1. Buy wild flower seed mix from your local gardening center or choose from the list below.
  2. Make a Seed Bomb with your little one or simply sprinkle the seeds around town.
  3. Spread the gardening love by tossing the seed bombs (or just the seeds) into dirt covered areas around your neighborhood.
  4. Check in on your flowers and water them if you can. This way they will grow well and you can enjoy them all summer.

The best flowers to pick for Queens soil are the following:

Aster – daisy like flowers with peak bloom season in the Fall.

Goldenrod – has spiky yellow blooms in late summer on a tidy plant that stays under 2 feet tall.

Golden black-eyed Susan – is a sturdy summer staple for poor soil.

Russian Sage – grows so well in hot, dry, sunny clay that in some areas it is considered invasive.

Daylily –  grows almost anywhere. Its trumpet-shape blooms each last only a day, but plants can bloom for several weeks because they produce many flower buds.

Yarrow is a tough plant that grows well in dry, sunny conditions.

Ironweed –  thrives in clay, tolerates summer heat, and withstands long periods of drought.