Sandy Stranded Dogs Looking for Good Foster Home

A family from Rockaway who lost everything when 5 feet of water flooded their home is looking to place their two dogs into a temporary good home.  This single mom saved her 2 children and 2 dogs and that’s about it.  The dogs are in the ASPCA boarding facility in Brooklyn, the family is in a FEMA hotel.  They are not sure when they will have permanent housing but the Queens mama is totally committed to finding housing that allows her to be reunited with the dogs.

Here is a little more about the dogs from the ASPCA:
Onyx is a tiny 38 lb Pitbull mix.  Her 4 year old son uses him as a horse and he is very tolerant of the kids (boy 4 and girl 6).  Unfortunately, Onyx is not tolerant of other dogs and failed the dog to dog assessment at the shelter.  Onyx gets along fine with his “sister” 23 month old Honey who is a ShihTzu/Poodle mix.  His owner reports that he gets along with all humans.  However dogs are a problem.  The ASPCA needs someone who can either manage dogs that don’t get along in their house temporarily, or does not have dogs (or cats….since we don’t know about them).  Kids seem to be fine.  Please let me know if you think you can help and if you cannot please work your networks to help find Onyx and Honey homes.  They can be seperated.
Honey is friendly with everyone, but seems a little protective of her food bowl.

If interested in taking these dogs on please contact: Joan Shannon at 802 324-3300