3 Best Ways To Get Your Child Into Music

If you were to jump into a supersonic aircraft to hop the globe, there are a few things you will find almost everywhere you go. Those three things are children,language and music. If you were to step off your theoretical ship at each point, you will find rich culture and language unlike your own, however the children would be similar in the sense that they are sponges experiencing most everything for the first time.

Here in the biggest melting pot of them all in Queens, New York, you don’t have to go far to experience just about any genre of music from any part of the world. But how do we get our children to broaden their horizon from their Justin Bieber and pop culture clash? How do we get our children to understand a deeper music journey and/or any musical journey at all?

As a parent myself, these are three things that work well:

1. Dinner music

If you haven’t already done this, play music at dinner, during breakfast, snacks and preparation of these meals. The kitchen is the hub of the house, and if your kids are anything like mine, they wear out the hinges of your refrigerator looking for food.

2. Rock out

Do you play an instrument? Play a song for your kids, and do it often. The little ones love guitars and rhythm instruments like shakers. Pretend to play along with your favorite songs.

3. Spin some records

When your kids are old enough, dust off your CD collection or even better that old vinyl collection. What is missing today is the physical act of ripping open the packaging, taking out the inserts, reading the lyrics and looking at the artwork. Kids are hands-on, and the idea that music actually has a physical form is a foreign idea to most kids.

Passing down the tradition of music is a must, and it is imperative as parents that we let children into the mysterious world that music offers. Of course, these are just three steps in an endless list of things that work. What have you done that gets your children to listen to music?

By Daniel Powers Jr., Real Brave, Inc.