Reinventing Valentine’s Day: Celebrate with Your Friends

Here is a little history about V-Day. Valentine’s day began as a non-romantic, liturgical celebration to commemorate the death of an early Christian saint, Valentinus, who was imprisoned for performing weddings. The romantic association came during the High Middle Ages when authors like Geoffery Chaucer began writing about courtly love. By the 15th century, Valentine’s day had evolved from a liturgical celebration into an event where lovers expressed their love for each other through gifts, which were typically flowers and cards. Today, Valentine’s day continues to be regarded as a couples holiday, a day when you and your special someone go out and do a special “couples” thing; however, for those of us devoid of that special someone or simply tired of being gouged for dinner, Valentine’s day looms large, like a giant amorphous cloud waiting to devour us and our psyche—the day relegates us to sitting home, watching bad romantic comedies and eating take out. [like_to_read]

Now, we are not anti-Valentines day; in theory, we think the idea of having one day to celebrate love with someone you love is quite sweet, but why must it be something that is mainly for couples? In our ideal world, we would love to see Valentines day recast as a day to celebrate friends and community, rather than a day to celebrate that special someone.

So, this Valentine’s day, if you find yourself choosing to celebrate with friends, here are some non-commercial ideas to make the day more festive:


Take friends for a spa day

Host a dinner party

Go out to breakfast or lunch

Volunteer and spread community love!

Host a non-romantic comedy movie night

Host a wine tasting


Happy Valentines Day Mamas!