Rockaway Mom Travels 2 Hours Per Day to get her Autistic Sons to School

Rockaway NY – Dayann Molina McDonough is an amazing woman. A stay at home mother of three, two of which are autistic; she has been traveling between 2-3 hours per day to get her sons to their specialized charter school in Harlem. “Their needs are very specific, and they require one on one contact with a behavioral approach. I cannot afford to pay $30k for a private school and then have to sue the city for the tuition so this is where they go” she says. The city has agreed to give her a voucher to take taxis to and from the school but Dayann was barely able to find a cab service to accept the voucher and commit to taking the daily trip. The cab costs $100 each way to make this long ride to the school and once there, Dayann is stranded until the end of the school day “I help the school with copies and work or I have coffee until it’s time to get the boys” she says. Every week Dayann fills out multiple forms in order for the city to continue paying for this service that is only available for children who qualify for reduced lunch. As she understands it, the strike negotiations are being held up because of seniority within the union contract and talks have been on hold indefinitely. “The Mayor is not acting as a public servant and he needs to resume negotiations with the union. The union should then postpone the strike once in negociations. We need help.” Dayann’s friend Carolyn Nagler is in a similar situation but she sees Dayann in a unique position “She lives in Rockaway and looks out onto the shattered beach. She is surrounded by destruction every day and it is soul destroying”. During her spare time, Dayann has started an online cause to end the strike. “This is a site where people can vent their frustrations about what is happening to them”. She is determined to do her part toward ending this strike and I hope that you will join her. Please visit the cause here.
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