Winter Seasonal Produce in New York – Buy Locally and Responsibly

In order to buy an orange in New York in the middle of winter, your food will travel thousands of miles, using hundreds of gallons of gas to get you your home. In many European countries, there is no such thing as buying produce “out of season”. There are no strawberries in February, no squash in June, but here in NYC we are so used to buying whatever we desire, and we do not pay it any mind as to where it came from.[like_to_read]

We challenge you to better this Earth and your local economy by eating more seasonally this winter. Here is how to do it:

Shop at your local green market

We know it is cold out but there are still many local green markets open in the winter season. The food that you purchase here has made the shortest trip to your front door.

Eat What’s in Season in Our Area

Click here to see a wonderful breakdown from NYU for seasonal food in our area.