Sweet Easter Treats: Cookies, Cakes, and More

There are many reasons that Easter is such a celebrated and delightful holiday; for one thing, it’s a celebration of Spring, of rebirth and renewal, and culturally all kinds of cute and fun things are associated with it, for instance, chicks, rabbits, eggs, and chocolate. We’ve complied some of our favorite treats that you and your family can make and enjoy this Easter season. 


1. Easter Thumbprint Cookies–these cookies are simply adorable. Their pastel colors scream of spring and happiness and joy.

2. Easter Chocolate Nest Cupcakes–I could look at these cupcakes everyday. The little birds nesting on top of the cupcake is pure delight.

3. Funny Bunny Cookies on a Stick–these cookies just make me smile.

4. Easter Bunny & Lamb Cookies–these are little works of art.

5. Easter Bunny Cookie Pops–very sweet.

6. Easter Chick Cookies–two words: too cute

7. Tulip Easter Cookies–when finished put these in pretty basket, and smile

8. Every Hare in Place Mini Cakes--if you make these, please send a picture

9. Bunny Cake–Kids will have a ball making this delicious cake

10. Chocolate Bunny Sihouettes–these are simply divine