Wind Flags

Here’s another innovative and entertaining project from Tinkergarten that is sure to bring hours, if not days, of play. Kids, especially toddlers, are fascinated by things that float, fly, or move because of the wind. I love this activity because it allows kids to stretch their imagination  first by creating their own flags, and then by experimenting with them–the flags become parachutes, forts, or whatever they dream up. But most of all, the flags introduce and subsequently teach them about the power of nature.



What you need:

  • Ages: 2-12
  • Time: 1 hour (total)
  • Materials: a windy day (12 mph+); bedsheet or other large piece(s) of fabric; scissors; paints/markers; glue gun (optional)
  • # of kids: 1 or more

For more on making wind flags visit the Tinkergarten website.