Dad’s Asking for Help

Here’s an interesting situation: Mom decides that she wants to go away for a weekend and tells Dad that he will be watching the four kids. Normally, dad is okay watching the kids for several hours, but after that he doesn’t feel qualified. Dad often feels overwhelmed and slow to respond to their needs and crises, but this doesn’t stop mom from leaving.


So, off she goes, and in comes grandma, and auntie, and cousin to help dad for the weekend.

While this may not seem like a big deal, for Mark Vander Ley it created a crisis of conscience. In his article “Am I Betraying My Fellow Dads By Asking For Parenting Help,” he suggests that asking for help was a betrayal toward his fellow fathers because he wanted to prove that dads are just as capable as men.

Read his article and let us know what you think.