Need Home Improvement? We Have the Company for You

As the owner of Queens Mamas, I try my very best to actually use the products that we write about on this site at lease once. However, when I come across something truly amazing, I just need to let you know about it again and again. This is the case with Click and Improve a locally owned and operated home improvement company. Why should you give a crap about this you ask? because Click and Improve is a company like no other and here is why….

Have a home improvement need? here is how it works:

  • Your toilet explodes (like mine did in our new house)
  • You call Click and Improve in a panic and explain that you have an “issue” with your bathroom
  • The person on the line, assesses your “issue” and acts as your crisis counselor telling you  that there will be someone over soon to check out the situation.
  • A nice local contractor shows up and takes a look at your toilet (kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, whatever) and leaves without saying a word about cost or complications.
  • You get an email with a bid letting you know how much this exploding toilet will cost you to fix.

So far, you have spent no money and have already gotten a therapy session and a contracting bid (score!)

  • You book this nice contractor and pay Click and Improve who holds on to your money which ensures that this company does the job to your satisfaction.
  • Once the work is done to your satisfaction, then and ONLY then, does Click and Improve pay the nice contractor. (double score!)

Yep, it”s amazing.

As if I thought these guys couldn’t get any better,  Click and Improve were the first people I called to turn electricity on in homes affected by Superstorm Sandy. No questions asked, they inspected homes in Rockaway NY at no charge, and were able to get electricity into the houses of the people who needed it most. Good Guys + Great Business = Use Them!

Support local business, support good guys, and use Click and Improve for everything home.