Best New Children’s Thermometer – VeraTemp

Warning: there  may be swearing in this post since we are so freaking amazed by this product that we just cannot help it. We had an opportunity to check out the VeraTemp at the New York Baby Show this weekend and holy sh*t it it is awesome. For the first time in….well, ever…. you can now take your child’s temperature without ever touching them. You can take it while they sleep, eat, play, whatever and never have to manage the screams while poking them in some horrible place in order to get an accurate reading. VeraTemp is a non contact thermometer that helps decrease the chance of having germs transferred between individuals, providing a safe and hygienic way to take a persons temperature.

Amazing right?! well, it gets better. There are three settings on the VeraTemp, body, surface, and room, so you can also take the surface temperature of a bath and bottle if you so choose or your child’s room. Every time you change the mode, the LED screen changes color so you are less likely to make a mistake as well. The VeraTemp thermometer is also clinically proven to be as accurate as both ear and rectal thermometers so there is little worry about whether you are getting an accurate reading.

The VeraTemp runs on two AAA batteries and can be purchased for around $49.99. We think that this makes an amazing gift for any new parent. Add it to your registry’s mamas!






Disclosure: VeraTemp donated one product for our review. Our opinions of this product are our own.