Four New Exibitions at Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park was an abandoned landfill and illegal dump site, until a coalition of artists lead by artist Mark di Suvero decided to transform it into an open studio exhibition space for artists. Today it’s an internationally renown “outdoor museum and artist residency program that also serves as a vital New York City park offering a wide variety of free public services.”



Socrates Sculpture Park is the only site in the New York Metropolitan area offering artists opportunities to create and exhibit large scale sculpture and multi-media installations. Because the space is outdoors, there is a unique relationship between the art, the envornment, and the public who come to view it. The mission of the park is “based on the belief that reclamation, revitalization and creative expression are essential to the survival, humanity and improvement of our urban environment.”

The Park also has some wonderful educational programs including school-based maritime program, art-making workshops for kids, teens and adults; custom tours for schools and groups; and internships in the Park from spring through fall (see website for details). In addition to the unique sculptures, the park is home to lush garden, replete with a stunning variety of flowers.

On Mother’s Day, Socrates Park unveiled these  four new exhibitions, which are not worth missing.

Exhibition 1: do it (outside) (May 12- July 7)

Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, “do it (outside),” is a collaboration with Independent Curators International. The exhibition features  more than a dozen performative interpretations by almuni from the Showhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, happening in and around a site-specific exhibition design by Christoff : Finio Architecture.  To view all of the participating artists and their instructions, visit the website.

Exhibition 2: TREE WOOD (May 12- July 7)

tree wood is the 2013 winner of FOLLY, our annual residency & exhibition program for emerging architects and designers, organized in partnership with The Architectural League of NY. Toshihiro Oki architect p.c. (Toshihiro Oki, Jen Wood & Jared Diganci) was selected from over 150 submissions. tree wood will be a rigid yet airy geometrical wooden structure placed within a grove of trees within Socrates Sculpture Park

Exhibition 3: BEYOND THE HEDGES (SLIVERED GAZEBO) (May 12- July 7)

Brooklyn-based sculptor Heather Rowe investigates the transitional space between architecture, sculpture, & installation through perspectival framing, formal inversion, & material deconstruction. Rowe’s latest work, Beyond the Hedges (Slivered Gazebo), is a site-specific installation of mirrors, corridors, & spatial slices.

Exhibition 4: HER NUCLEAR WATERS (May 12 – August 5)


Her Nuclear Waters, an 11′ x 28′ image by artist Chitra Ganesh, is the newest installment of our “Broadway Billboard” series, which presents opportunities for a single artist to create a 2D design to frame the park entrance and can be seen along LIC’s Broadway as visitors approach. Ganesh’s drawing-based practice seeks to excavate buried narratives typically excluded from official canons of history, literature, & art.