Muppets Are Coming to Museum of Moving Image

Queens will be getting a new set of residents: The Muppets! Yes, over 400 items, including props and puppet such as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Bert and Ernie of “Sesame Street” fame, the stars of “Fraggle Rock” and other puppets will be donated to the Museum of the Moving Image in LIC, and they will be housed in their very own new gallery, which is currently under construction.

The exhibit, which is slotted to open next year, will be partially funded by the city–it’s chipping in $2.75 million toward the $5 million cost for the project. The city sees the project as furthering its goal of persuading more tourists to move beyond the island of Manhattan.

Some interesting facts about Muppets:

  • The word Muppet was coined by Jim Hensen by combing “puppet” and “marionette.”
  • Muppets usually have a wide mouth and large buldging eyes
  • Muppets are molded or carved from foam and then covered in felt
  • Muppets are animated only by the head and face
  • Muppets may represent humans, anthropomorphic animals, realistic animals, robots, anthropomorphic objects, extraterrestrial creatures, mythical beings or other unidentified, newly imagined creatures, monsters, or abstract characters
  • Children tend to interact with muppets as if they were real

We will keep you posted on exactly when the Muppets will move into their new home.