Best Family Travel Blogs of 2013

In today’s high-security world, traveling without kids can be stressful, but add a few little ones (or even one) to the mix and suddenly traveling becomes something angst-producing, something that many may think “it’s simply not worth the hassle.” To help ease the stress of traveling with kids, we’ve put together a list of our top  travel blogs. These blogs are not moms or people sitting behind a computer collecting travel tips and destinations, rather they are written by moms and non-moms who spend more time on the road or in the air than they do at home, which is why the blogs are so superb not only in content but in writing and images. So, before you become riddled with anxiety about your next trip, take some time to peruse these spectacular sites.

Have Baby Will Travel: The mission of this blog is  to  inspire, motivate, and help families travel with their babies, toddlers, and young children,and the blog does just that. One click and you will want to book that ticket tomorrow. Corrine McDermott started the site because she grew frustrated at the lack of cohesive information on traveling with a baby. The site is a “one-stop web brochure”  where she shares travel-tips, advice, and reports about traveling with kids.

Matador: The premiere travel site that moves beyond reservations and hotel rooms. Matador is a gorgeous compilation of writing and photography that highlights cultures around the world and aims to inspire, educate, and engage  the traveler or would-be-traveler in a global discussion “of historical, political, and socioeconomic realities that inform our lives as travelers.”

Delicious Baby: The New York Times declared that Debbie Dubrow’s blog is one of the top family travel sites on the web. A mother to 3 young kids, Debbie and her kids are frequent travelers, so her perspective is actually one that comes from experience. In addition to the travel blog, Debbie is the co-founder of an  iPhone travel app called TripDoc that helps you keep track of where you want to go on vacation.

Global Grasshopper: This beautiful site is run by a a husband and wife team, Becky & Gary, who not only love off-the-beaten path places but capture them with stunning images. Check out their non-Disney family friendly places.

Soul Travelers 3: The blog, founded by a mom & dad in their 50s with a 5 year old daughter, is described as an “epic odyssey: open-ended, years long slow trip around the world as a family adventure, unschool, spiritual journey and lifestyle.” Clicking through the site, you will quickly find that not only does the site provide an incredible amount of information, but you quickly get caught up in the life-style that this adventurous couple has chosen.

The Mother of All Trips: This blog began when Mara and her husband took their then 1-year old son on a trip to Italy. Mara, already a traveler, decided that they would simply continue to travel with their son. One look at the “We’ve been here” section of their blog, and you know can be assured that whatever this mom tells you about travel, she knows what she’s saying. The site is “part travelogue part memoir, part meditation on motherhood, with just a dash of how-to.”

Families Go!: If you become overwhelmed or simply do not have time to plan a vacation or a weekend getaway or simply want feedback from other parents on hotels and destinations, then this is the site for you. Ellen Gunn, the founder, seeks to “to makes planning family vacations less exhausting by providing all the information she was never able to find when trying to plan her own trips for three.” In short, this a one-stop site for vacation planning.