Broad Channel Queens Playground Win’s $11,000 for Makeover

Broad Channel PlaygroundGo Queens! We love stories about motivated mamas looking to make positive change in their community and success has once again come to Queens via a local mom who entered her playground into the KFC “Li’l Playground Makeover Contest” and won!

In late March, KFC launched the Li’l Playground Makeover Facebook Contest and invited fans to enter to win makeovers for their local community playgrounds. Now, the winning playgrounds are on their way to getting some TLC, courtesy of KFC. “We received stories and photos from some very deserving organizations,” said Jason Marker, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC U.S. “KFC is pleased to be able to give ‘a li’l help’ to these playgrounds, and help make them even better places for the children in these communities.” The two grand prize-winning playgrounds are located in St. Clair, Mo., and Broad Channel, Queens, N.Y.

Nominated by a local mom, Jennifer Mungeer entered the contest on behalf of the Broad Channel community and the Gene Gray Playground. In Broad Channel, the community will use their $11,000 grant to rebuild a playground that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  “Every house in this area was destroyed. I want to help make a positive impact for the children of the community that have seen so much destruction.” Mungeer said. “We want to make this a place of joy so kids can focus on being kids again.”

As part of KFC’s new Li’l Bucket Kids Meal launch, educators, administrators and community members from all around the country were invited to enter the contest in hopes of winning a makeover for their school/local community playground. Nominated by Broad Channel resident who wanted to make a difference in her community, Gene Gray Playground is among 5 lucky winners from across the nation. The $11,000 grant will be used to rebuild the parks infrastructure, which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. KFC is thrilled to help make a difference for the children of Broad Channel and provide a space where kids can be kids again!