Business Series: How to Improve Your Web Traffic Online

small__3951143570Many businesses start a website and many then wonder why clients are not coming to their site, or why search engines are not finding them online. The answers are very simple and easily fixed by implementing a few easy fixes to improve the way your business is presented on the web.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization…. it sounds fancy, buy it’s really not.

If you have a website then you must know at least a small amount of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the fancy way of saying that Google and all search engines for that matter, are word search tools. They only search words, words that will direct the reader in the right direction toward what they are looking for and what it most relevant to them. For this reason, a potential client will likely not be searching for “your company name” they will be searching for “specific product or service”. For this reason you must consider if your website describes (in words) what it is you provide. Fancy graphics and photos will not allow Google to find you let alone your clients. There are countless articles about SEO online and to learn more…. simply Google it! Make sense? Ok, let’s move on.

Add and Maintain Your Title Tags- What Searchers See When they Google You

A Title Tag is essentially the title that search engines pick up and present to the general public when they search for content. Remember, Google is a word search tool only, it does not search images, video, and documents unless specific words are attached to the file. Your title tag is located at the very top top top of your web page when you visit it and it it the title of the article when the site is searched. All of your title tags should NOT be the name of your business as it likely does not reflect the type of business you do, make sense? Look at this page right now and see if you can find our title tag. The name of this article is “Business Series: How to Improve Your Web Traffic Online” but the title tag (all the way at the top of your web browser) is “How to Improve Your Website in 5 Easy Steps | A Beginner’s Guide ” which is what Google will pick up in search.  The Title Tag of your pages such as About Us, Home Page, Services, Products, and Contact should be loaded with relevant words that reflect what your business actually does. Here is an example:

Let’s Say that you are a retail store and your primary product is cloth diapers. Here is how your title tags could look:

Home Page: Cloth Baby Diaper Service in Your Location | Your Company Name  OR  Your Company Name | Cloth Baby Diaper Service in Your Location

About Page: Your Company: Who We Are

Products Page: Buy Cloth Baby Diapers, Organic Cotton, Delivery Services in Your Location

Individual Product: Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers | Your Company Name

Contact Page: Contact Us: Your Company Name

How to create the ideal Title Tag:

Be your client. Think about who they are and what they are likely to search for online. Is it “cloth baby diapers, Queens”? “coupons and discounts in Brooklyn”? Whatever you think your ideal client will look for, make sure to add it into your title tag. A great tool to use for this is the Google Search Word Tool. This nifty website allows you to type in your title ideas and see how many people actually search for that word combination. Beware however, this is a time suck, and you will be at this for hours….

Links – To Your Other Products and Services

Any website, your website, needs to be easy to navigate and for this reason you should make sure to link to the right content wherever you can. Make sure that if you write the words ” we create unique cloth diapers for babies” the words “cloth diapers” links to the page where you sell those diapers! Try to avoid linking to words like “clock here” and “this” as search engines and people do not like these types of links. Link to descriptive words instead of non descriptive ones.

Give good names to your images

Remember again, Google is a WORD search tool. This means that the beautiful image on your website, unless accompanied by words, will not be found online. Many people search Google images for content as well as words but you must make sure that your image files have the right title name when you upload it to the web. Make sure that your image file’s name  does not simply say “image 1″ but “a description of what your image is” instead. This is an ideal place to start adding your company name (especially to your logo) so that people can find you easily. Remember, the web is supposed to be easy… for readers that is… for you, it is work.


Thats it! easy right? well yes and no. Depending on who works on your website, this could cost you a few hours from a local developer but in the end, it will be worth it. Make sure to give your developer all of the tools they need to do the work for you. Add a large list of links with matching title tags so that they know exactly where to put the right tag. If you are doing the work yourself, then go ahead and locate the place in which you add your title tags, and if you can’t find it then there is always your search engine of choice to guide you!