Clean Up Tiny Toys With a Swoop Storage Bag

BLOG_both_swoops6WEBOh the joys of parenting, watching you little one grow bigger while all the while their toys grow smaller and smaller. Tiny game pieces litter the floor piercing your foot during a midnight walk to the bathroom. I never knew how painful a Barbie shoe could be until it was strategically placed under my big toe. If you, like every parent on the planet I imagine, has been looking for a way to just “get everything out of the way” then this nifty product is the solution.

The Swoop is a simple, sturdy drawstring bag that “swoops” up all of those little plastic menaces in a way that your child can then easily access them again. They are made in two sizes and come in bright colors that can fit nicely into any room. One of the cool elements of this bag is that it is not just a bag but a play mat as well.

The bag was originally designed in 1978 by a grandmother. Read the really cool story about it here.

Price: Large: $48  Small: $24