Lyla Tov Monsters – Queens NY Made Toy Funds Their Business on Kickstarter

Erin_fun_headshotEver wonder how moms manage to open a business, parent, make dinner, attend play dates, bake birthday cakes, and get to doctors appointments at the same time? ….so do we. The extraordinary mother of three Erin Black has taken the leap into the creative world of monster creation and many mamas will appreciate that she did! On June 4, 2013, Erin and her family launched their first Kickstarter Campaign to help catapult her dream of a good  night’s sleep for children around the world with the help of her Lyla Tov Monsters…guardians of a good night’s sleep .

Over the past two years, these one-of-a-kind, and whimsical plush monsters have made their way into the hands (and beds) of hundreds of happy little sleepers while being made by hand from Erin’s home in Queens NY. The business thrived initially through word-of-mouth and craft fairs, and then cultivated a steady online clientele after launching their website. They now celebrate a growing brick and mortar presence at the Jewish Museum in New York City and a bevy of boutiques around the country. Their daughter , six year-old Astoria native , is the inventive force behind Lyla Tov Monsters. Lyla Tov (“Good night” in Hebrew) Monsters were conceived by a then three year-old, Lyla Black, when deciding her Daddy really needed a good Monster as a holiday gift. Lyla drew a picture and asked her mom to, “make it real.” Fortunately, Erin Black, is a masterful textile tactician, winning two Emmy’s for costuming on Sesame Street, and later teaching costuming at NYU. The first Lyla Tov Monster was created and joyously received by Lyla’s father, Eric. “I was awed by her creativity and dedication,” said Eric Black. “So much so, that I actually said ‘awww’ when I got my Monster. I was so impressed with both Lyla’s creative vision and Erin’s willingness to help her put it together. Then we thought, who better to fight bad monsters and childhood fears than good monsters?” remarked Black.

The Lyla Tov Kickstarter campaign has been almost completely funded but you can still get in on the action and receive a unique monster made by this amazing local mom. Kickstarter funds are only distributed if the campaign reaches its goal, so Lyla Tov Monsters will offer creative incentives to entice potential backers, such as: exclusive Lyla Tov Monster pins, the opportunity to own one of the first limited-edition Lyla Tov Monsters, one-of-a-kind Lyla Tov Monsters, and the chance to attend the Lyla Tov Monster launch party “Demand is a great problem to have, but we find ourselves running out of production room, manpower, and funding to reach the next level,” said Erin Black. “We want all kids to have a good night’s sleep, but in order to grow we need help. We hope our fans will want to help us reach our goal, spread the good Monster message, and have a good night’s sleep,” Black continued.

Using the entire Monster experience as a teaching tool for their children, Erin and Eric Black donate a portion of all Monster sales to children’s charities of Lyla’s choice. More information may be found at

The Lyla Tov Monster Kickstarter Campaign runs  June 4 – August 12, 2013, with a goal of raising more than $15,000 on the crowdfunding site to produce a limited-edition factory run of two Lyla-designed Monsters.