‘This Is Queens’ App: A Review of the Boroughs First Tourism App

this is queens appQueens finally has it’s own app and boy are we happy about it. The “This is Queens” app for Android and iPhone is a free download to your smart phone that was created by the local Digital Natives Group and the Queens Chamber of Commerce. From the looks of the app and upon giving it a test drive, it is intended as a tool to find local restaurants, sights, and places to stay in the borough. In other words, it is mostly for tourists at the moment. But that’s OK! we like being tourists in our own borough so we downloaded it anyway and you should too! Here is what we thought about it:





What We Like:

this is queens app 1

The app is free!

It has a nice modern design that actually makes Queens look cool…we know Queens is cool…but it is nice to have others think so too!

There are itineraries that you can chose such as a tennis day trip, arts in LIC and more. What makes this even better is that it also suggests local restaurants that you can dine at.

The app will clock your location and suggest restaurants and sights closest to you. It will also let you know which subways these locations are near.

We like the great photos and smart looking graphics that make all of the sights look fantastic.

There are very cool off the beaten track site suggestions like the Astoria Mansion, Archie Bunker House and the Loew’s Valencia Theatre.

There are deals at specific locations that you can redeem through the app. Love this idea.


this is queens app 2What Could Be Better:

Events are limited at the moment. We did a search today (July 4th!) and there were NO events listed. Considering that there are indeed 4th of July events happening in Queens this is a small fail. We would love to see the events happening at all of the awesome locations that they suggest visiting.

The app seems like it is mostly for tourists. Even though it is super fun, there are over 2 million people living in Queens and we would like to see some local content here for the residents.

There is no rating capability at the moment so you have little idea of how good or bad a restaurant may be.

Currently you as a user cannot add a restaurant, location, or site which does not capitalize on how many knowledgeable and talented people could help out with suggestions.

Considering that this app was commissioned by the Queens Chamber of Commerce, we find it a bummer that there are no shopping suggestions anywhere. Support local businesses and add them please!


To sum it all up:

We are really happy that this app has been created and we are certain that it will only get better. Congrats to everyone who made this happen and we hope to see more form you in the future!