Virtual Vacations: 360 Degree Views of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

This summer is one of the first that our family has stayed here at home for many years. We usually take off to a mountain in France, or a beach in southern Spain but not this year. We are enjoying our home and local neighborhoods this season in the blazing summer heat but that does not mean that we cannot explore new places on this lovely earth. If you, like us, are holed up in your home town this summer and want a few minutes to “get away” check out these amazing 360 degree panoramas of places many of us could only see in books and magazines until now.

Norway 360

Visit Norway‘s 360 view of the Geirangerfjord is unique and exceptionally beautiful. It is also included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

machupechu 360 gives you a virtual tour of the ruins and beautiful landscapes on an interactive map.

mount saint michel france 360 panorama

Mont Saint Michel Abbey in France. The website AirPano has many beautiful 360 panoramas from around the world. This panorama gives you the option of seeing the abbey at night.

mount everest panorama

A Top View of Mount Everest, Nepal

santorini greece panorama

Santorini Greece at night.

california redwoods panorama

California Redwoods are considered some of the most sacred trees in the world. Take a virtual walk through this forest.

negril jamaica panorama

Negril Jamaica by the water. If you have been longing for a vacation, spray some coconut air freshener ad check out this video.

utah sunset

There is nothing quite like this Utah Sunset. You can see the start twinkling in the sky and the detail in the sand.