Astoria’s Secret Playground

Astoria’s secret playground provides a welcome respite for parents and kids from the usual hustle of a NYC playground.

astoria playground

Astoria as a whole is an up and coming neighborhood that welcomes all types of parents and kids however their playgrounds leave something to be desired. The large and typically run down play structures scattered throughout the neighborhood seem to be a pale comparison to some of the the best playgrounds in Queens. There is hope however, in a small and secluded playground that you have probably never heard of. The park has no name as it is officially located on the school grounds of the Judge Charles Vallone School P.S. 85 but during the summer and when the school children are not utilizing it, the playground is open to the public. Many local parents prefer this playground over others in the area as it is quiet, small, mostly shady, and very clean. The structures are kept in good condition and the entire area is gated. On any given day, you can stroll over to this playground and chill out while your kids play in a safe and fun environment. This playground is especially utilized by the parents who have toddlers and children in school as they can be found playing with their little ones while waiting for their school aged child to be let out of class.

There are a few things to know before heading out to play – because this playground officially belongs to the school, you are not allowed to play in it while school children are in recess. This usually does not pose a problem as teachers are kind and simply ask you to wait for them to finish before you come in to play. Know any other unusual playground in Queens? please let us know in the comments section.

  • Find the Secret Playground
    29th Street between 23rd Road and 24th Ave
  • Best Hours to Go
    Early morning or after 3pm