Child Care in Long Island City Queens

baby indoor playChild care in many areas of Queens can be difficult to come by. With over crowding, high prices, and long waiting lists, parents can find themselves in a pinch when looking for quality childcare for their children. Complicating the matter even further, there is no central location to find information for childcare in Queens…until now! We have started a list of day care centers, child care, and pre schools in Long Island City to serve  as a central place for parents to find information about where to find what they are looking for. Please help us add to this list by adding to it in the comments section. Feel free to add trusted family child care centers, local resources and websites that provide this info for parents in Long Island City Queens. 

Carolyn’s Playhouse 

Carolyn Marx Fletcher, an innovative and lively educator, creates a fun, active, learning and play environment in beautifully appointed play room facilities. Mother of two children, experienced teacher, visual artist, actor, and musician, she combines her love and understanding of young children with sensitivity to parents’ concerns to form a stimulating and nurturing ‘home away from home’. Carolyn’s Play House is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (NYSOCFS) as a group family day care center. Agroup family day care center like Carolyn’s Play House takes place in someone’s home (as opposed to a separate business in a commercial space) with the childcare given by the provider and one or more assistants.


Long Island City Family Daycare

At our Family Daycare, we take into account the well-being of the whole child. Our daycare was crafted to promote healthy habits in kids; this means providing children with healthy meal, a clean environment, an abundance of sunlight and lots of outside play. We make it fun to learn by encouraging self expression and creativity through art, music, dance, urban gardening and verbal expression. Each child is recognized as an individual and is treated with kindness and respect.


Child Care at LaGuardia Community College 

LaGuardia students will feel at ease in their classes knowing their children are receiving exceptional care on campus by developing skills that will prepare them for grade school and enhance real life skills while learning in a fun engaging way.

We want our students to have the most supportive environment possible so they can successfully accomplish their educational goals. To that end, the college has a high quality on-campus childcare program where your young children can be near you and receive an education that will prepare them for tomorrow’s success.


Lolly’s Learning Center

Lolly’s Early Learning Center is a private preschool with classes for 2, 3 & 4 year old children. Lolly’s mission is to provide children with an innovative, extensive, high caliber early childhood education by using developmentally appropriate materials in an organized and safe child-centered setting. All teachers are certified by the NYS Board of Education and hold Masters degrees in Early Childhood Education.  Our staff provides loving guidance and support by nurturing individual needs, strengths and interests.  Development is enhanced through problem solving and creative thinking within the areas of Science, Math, Literacy, Music, Art & Drama. At Lolly’s we promote moral, social, emotional and intellectual independence, enabling children to meet and exceed their individual goals.


Long Island City YMCA

When we called the LIC YMCA, they were not available to give us any information however, the LIC YMCA does offer an early childhood education program for little ones. We encourage you to call them for information at 718-392-7932


Evangel Christian School 

For 3 and 4 year olds, the school aims to have students develop readiness for learning which includes social skills, respect for others and sharing. During their day, children are introduced to colors, shapes, numbers and letters through games, songs, movements and hands-on activities.  Bible stories are also part of the curriculum.  Pre-k students also enjoy weekly classes in art, music and physical education.


Most Precious Blood Nursery School

Most Precious Blood is a Roman Catholic school that starts in Nursery School and has rates for Catholic and Non Catholic children.