Cool New Birthday Party Idea: Making Friendship Bracelets!

Lanyard ladies of East Rockaway teach children to make friendship bracelets. They run weekly classes. They are fun and cool idea for a birthday party.

friendship braceletsRemember friendship bracelets?  Through the years, BFF’s have found many ways to show their love like half heart necklaces and funny photo booth pictures. 80’s and 90’s children know that the mark of a true friendship lies in the exchange of “the friendship bracelet”. Many of us have fond memories of embroidery thread shopping at our local craft stores, latching the loop on our toes to hold the stitches in place and especially the thrill of receiving each one as a sign of how truly loved we were.

The Lanyard Ladies are bringing back the friendship bracelet!  They throw a birthday party that many of us only wish was around when we were kids. It is a craft making fiesta where children can make beaded and embroidered bracelets, lanyard key chains and pens and other fun projects. They provide the string and lanyard in dozens of bright colors and all of the supplies needed to make a bunch of cool projects.  They will work with each guest one on one and give them step by step instructions so everyone leaves the party with at least one funky gift.   You go to them or they come to you but, either way, it is a party like no other.

If this sounds like something your child would love the Lanyard Ladies are also holding classes.  There are weekly

303 (2) classes starting this fall.  Children can learn to make their favorite patterns and styles. Each week gets more challenging. The class is being held at  21 Ryder Place, East Rockaway, NY for ages 6+.  The cost is $130.00 for a 6 week class.

We thank the Lanyard Ladies from the bottom of our hearts for bringing this back and allowing us to get in touch with our inner tween.  Long live the friendship bracelet!