10 Nursing Bras that Don’t Suck

You thought labor was hard? Try finding a nursing bra that doesn’t make you look like you’re shoplifting two Wigwams under a sweater.

New mothers listen up! No one can prepare you for the next few months of your life. You used to think that getting peed on was something only found in smut films, but here you are, new baby in arms, barf in your lap, and breast milk in every fiber of clothing you have ever owned. Your boobs are now three times the size then they normally were, and hurt like Hell. It is time for a nursing bra, but get ready for more suffering because  finding a well-functioning and stylish nursing bra is like spotting Haley’s Comet.  Everywhere you seem to look, are wide strapped boulder holders with clasps and fastenings that would make your high school boyfriend cry. So, we have done the painful work for you, by scouring the internet for non sucky, good-looking nursing bras that will give you a little bit of comfort for the year to come.

nursing bra

The Basics: A few things that we look for in a nursing bra

  • No Clasps, fittings, or flaps – these accessories may seem like easy solutions and they are, when getting the flap down, but try to put it back up and it is a disaster. You should not have anything as a new mom that you cannot accomplish with one hand.
  • Soft fabric that will not irritate your skin or chaffed nipples.
  • The whip and tuck factor – you must be able to whip your boob out and put it back in one millisecond flat.
  • Non nursing bra nursing bras – Just because you are a nursing mother does not mean that you need to buy a nursing bra. Other bras will do, they simply need to fit the other criteria.

nursing bras

1. Triangle Bra by Base Range – Steven Alan – $39
2. Giselle Floral Bra by Xirena – Steven Alan - $74
3. Nana Bralette – Lille Boutique – $30
4. Peacock Lace Bralet – Bella Maternity – $58
5. Anytime Bralet Full Cup – Bella Maternity – $58
6. Giselle Tyler Bra by Xirena – Steven Alan – $74
7. Gillian O’Malley Nursing Sleep Bra - Target - $22 for two 
8. Crossback Seamless Sports Bra – Roxy – $38
9. Brenda Nursing Sleep Bra – Queen Bee – $42.95 AUD
10. Free to Be Bra – Lulumon – $38