12 Questions to Ask at Your Next Parent Teacher Conference

Make the most of your next parent teacher conference by asking the right questions. 


You have 15 minutes to get in all of the questions you have about your child during a parent teacher conference. Make the most of your time by putting the highest priority ones at the top, so if you run out of time you don’t miss asking what you really wanted to know. Here are 12 types of questions you may want to ask:

  1. Is my child meeting grade-level academic expectations now and/or on track for meeting grade-level standards by the end of the year?
  2. May I see examples of my child’s work? What assessment system do you use? How do you know when my child is making progress and when he needs additional help?
  3. Is he engaged in class? Does he move through material quickly and get bored, or move slowly and get frustrated? Is he happy or stressed in class?
  4. What are the big projects my child will be doing in your class this year?
  5. What are my child’s strengths, challenges, and areas for growth, and how are you addressing these?
  6. What does my child get excited about learning? Are there times when my child is more or less engaged? Is my child putting forth her best effort?
  7. How will you challenge my child? How will you support my child when she needs help? What other resources are available at the school to support my child?
  8. What can I do at home to extend my child’s learning? What reading level books should he be reading? What math practice can we do? Could you recommend any enrichment activities?
  9. Does she have any behavior problems and do you deal with them in class? Are there triggers for bad behavior, such as changing activities or being with a certain classmate?
  10. How does my child work independently and in large- and small-group instruction? Does he participate in class?
  11. How does my child get along with other students and adults in class and during lunch, recess, and phys-ed?
  12. Are there ways I can help you in the classroom or the school?


by Ellen Sturm Niz 

Ellen Sturm Niz is an editor and writer working, parenting, and living in Jackson Heights, Queens. Follow her on TwitterPinterestTumblr, and Google+.