Hudson and Stella – Locally Made Jewelry in Long Island City

Queens based company Hudson and Stella creates whimsical jewelry for children and parents alike in Long Island City. Hudson and Stella was founded in 2012 and is now providing stylish jewelry for both parents and children to treasure.

hudson and stella

Behind the company Hudson & Stella is Judy Yeh, a Queens mother and Long Island City local. Named after her two children, Hudson and Stella began as a creative outlet when Judy’s youngest child started preschool. When she had a little time on her hands and wanted to do something fun and creative and as a former fashion marketing and advertising professional, making jewelry was a natural progression toward her passion.

Judy began creating handmade jewelry by making earrings for herself as a hobby and soon selling them to other local mothers. Before long, she was selling her jewelry on Etsy and organizing a pop up market in her neighborhood that supported a friend’s charity called the Turtle Tree Foundation. The foundation supports a women’s cooperative in Haiti that teaches women how to achieve independence by starting their own handicraft businesses. There was such a great turn out at the event that Hudson and Stella took off shortly thereafter.

Judy is inspired by the world around her and she draws upon nature, patterns, architecture, and even her children’s toys as some of her inspirations. She sees color combinations in everything and carries a notebook to jot her ideas down as they pop into her head.  At night, after her children are in bed Judy’s jewelry making workshop come to life, while her children are fast asleep. It is therapeutic for her to create jewelry in the evening, or while her kids are in school.

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Judy started making children’s jewelry because her daughter wanted to wear bracelets “like mama” and she found it difficult to find stylish jewelry for kids made from quality materials at reasonable prices. Judy decided she wanted to make jewelry that was just a little more special than everyday wear, but still accessible to the parenting masses. In her creations, Judy uses materials such as jades and natural stones for her jewelry. Jade is a lucky stone and offers protective properties, which is why she enjoys using these particular stones for kids. Local children see her around Long Island City and call her the “Bracelet Lady”.” Judy enjoys being recognized not only as Hudson and Stella’s mom, but as an individual in the community who works with the creative side of kids and parents alike.

Judy hosts jewelry throwing parties for adults and kids alike as she believes everyone loves to be able to express their creativity through making an original piece of jewelry. Making your own bracelet is so personal and everyone who attends her workshop goes home with a piece of jewelry that is unique only to them. Judy’s events first started at Malu a local ice cream shop in Long Island City and quickly became a hit.

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Judy’s Favorite Local Places to Visit with Kids:

Judy likes to take her kids out early on the weekend for breakfast at M. Wells Dinette and to run around the exhibits at MOMA PS1. There is always something interesting going on there with the rotating installations and her kids’ ultimate favorite is the “meeting room” where the door opens to a room with walls on four sides & even better an open sky with no ceiling.

Being a part of the Long Island City community and supporting local shops & retailers is important to Judy. Queens is a special place and she thinks people are starting to catch on. Manducatis Rustica is a family friendly dinner spot she enjoys and her family frequents Malu, a local ice cream shop. Her freezer always has a pint of Malu ice cream in it. She even assisted in creating a flavor there named Coffee Cookie!

Where to find Hudson and Stella Jewelry:

Judy is selling her creations on Etsy, at The Yoga Room  (Astoria & LIC) , LIC Living and at Tiny You. She also attends pop up markets around LIC and Astoria. People can follow Judy on Facebook and catch her posts of new pieces she is working on. She often gets requests for private showings and custom orders. She announces all of her events on her Facebook page, so be on the lookout for pop up shops and gift workshops during the holiday season.

By Kelly O’Neil